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Founded in 2005, RoyaltyShare offers revenue management and royalty solutions for customers in the music and book publishing industries. RoyaltyShare is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Orchard, a leading music distribution company operating in 45 markets worldwide.

RoyaltyShare Products

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The Premier Royalty Solution for Independent Labels

Web-Based Royalty Application Artist and mechanical royalties managed digitally from your browser

RoyaltyShare is used by more than 200 top independent labels around the world, and includes data and sales integration with The Orchard Workstation. Labels can also deliver statements to artists via a secure portal

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Digital Advantage

eBook Transaction Processing for Book Publishers

A complete solution for managing transaction reports from eBook retailers.

Used by some of the world's largest publishers, Digital Advantage reduces the complexity of downloading, tracking and normalizing sales data from eBook retailers. The Web-based application features tools for identifying and correcting data errors and identifies price discrepancies.